Total Debt Relief

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Total Debt Relief Review

Total Debt Relief AKA is a company that focuses on debt settlement, bankruptcy, consolidation and credit counseling that opened in 2010. There is quite a bit of educational information on the website that include a blog.

This company currently doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau rating because there isn’t sufficient information to give it a review yet. The odd part about trying to find out more about his business is that there is not location on the website contact us page. I had to resort to matching the phone number on the website with its BBB page. This seems sketchy to me especially considering there is no About Us information talking about the companies specialties. I guess they may be too young to know what their best options are.

Company Research

    Years in business: < 1
    Current BBB rating: No Rating Yet
    Registered BBB complaints (last 36 months): 0
    Professional Memberships: Unknown

*above data is current at time of review

Website for Total Debt Relief:

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