Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC

by ChoiceREVU Editor

Legal Help Debt Resolution, LLC Review

Legal Helpers Debt Resolutions AKA Macey, Aleman, Hyslip & Searns law firm opened in 2009 and is a group of lawyers that help clients out of debt. They claim that bankruptcy isn’t their only option.

The business looks very legitimate from their well-written and easy to use website. However, their Better Business Bureau rating is an F. Apparently they have 50 complaints mostly in the Refund Issues section. There is also a new Government Action against the company. It is in regards to the fact that almost all of their debt settlements are done by a third party and not by the lawyers at the firms itself.

I would think twice about using this company since they appear to be just a front for other businesses and they are not up-front about that fact.

Company Research

    Years in business: 2
    Current BBB rating: F
    Registered BBB complaints (last 36 months): 50
    Professional Memberships: Unknown

*above data is current at time of review

Website for Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC:

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