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Family Credit Management Reviews

Family Credit Management AKA Family Credit Management Services has been in business since 1996, providing credit counseling services and debt management programs to people in the United States. They are a non-profit Christian organization that negotiates lower interest rates and payments on the behalf of their customers, leaving those customers with one monthly payment.

From reading their FAQ, Family Credit Management appears to be transparent and open with how they operate their organization. The Better Business Bureau gave them an A+, noting that they had a low level complaint volume for such a large organization. Their service aims to educate consumers with how to manage their credit and help them with debt consolidation, not debt settlement. While credit counseling won’t typically affect your credit like debt settlement and bankruptcy can, it may not be the best option for customers depending on the assistance they need. By working with Family Credit Management, they claim they typically can help lower interest rates with creditors. With their positive track record, this is probably something to consider for people needing assistance with high interest rates.

Company Research

    Years in business: 15
    Current BBB rating: A+
    Registered BBB complaints (last 36 months): 2
    Professional Memberships: Christian Management Association, the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), Christian Business Association, Consumer Reporting Agency

*above data is current at time of review

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