Christian Debt Consolidation

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Christian Debt Consolidation Review

Christian Debt Consolidation is a non-profit focused on helping their clients out of debt.

Their Better Business Bureau profile is currently under review. If you check TrustLink, the company BBB uses to review some companies, it appears that this company is well on its way to an F. All of the reviews talk about the fact that they paid for months and then found out that they were either more in debt and debts had to be settled with lawsuits or both. Many of the comments also mentioned that the company has bad customer service saying that “christian” was just gimmick.

I would wait until the BBB comes back with an official rating but until then I don’t recommend it.

Company Research

    Years in business: 9
    Current BBB rating: Under Review
    Registered BBB complaints (last 36 months): 42
    Professional Memberships: US Chamber of Commerce, UNICEF Contributor

*above data is current at time of review

Website for Christian Debt Consolidation:

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