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by ChoiceREVU Editor

Care One Credit Counseling has been in business since August of 2002 and offers a consumer credit counseling program as well as options for debt settlement and other debt remediation. At the time of this review, the BBB currently reports a total of 68 complaints in the last 36 months. Because this company is a big player in the consumer credit counseling arena, this is not a large number of complaints in comparison to the number of clients enrolled. The BBB currently also reports an A rating.

A search of the Internet as a whole brings up a few additional complaints about Care One Credit’s credit counseling program. As mentioned with other companies we have reviewed, many of the complaints are more the consumer simply not fully understanding how the program or process works before enrolling. There are also many positive testimonials about this company, and they have been recognized as one of the pillars of the industry and have a reputation for doing things right.

A review of Care One Credit’s website shows that they provide a great deal of consumer education information that is very valuable for their clients as well as the general public. However, we recommend to exercise caution before enrolling in any consumer credit counseling or other debt management program simply because it is paramount that you fully understand the program before you enroll.

If you cannot make your current minimum payments and are looking for a solid debt consolidation or credit counseling program, Care One Credit is one that has a proven track record over a long period of time.

You can get more information and request a free consultation at their official website:

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ChoiceREVU Editor March 17, 2009 at 2:55 pm

Care One Credit is a major player in the consumer credit counseling arena and has been doing it since 2002. They have a solid rating with the BBB, but a lot of consumer complaints. If you are one of the few that a consumer credit counseling program is a good fit for, they may be a solid choice, but be sure you consider all your other options first.


Ryan August 25, 2009 at 12:35 pm

I have been a member for 2.5 years and I was under the impression that CareOne has communicated effectively with both me and my creditors. I was wrong. One of my creditors did not agree to the re-age process when they signed on, and CareOne did not tell me that. Therefore, for a year and a half, my creditor has reported to the credit bureau that I have been 3 months behind. Had CareOne told me this a year and a half ago, I would have made the account current on my own, but I was under the impression that they had it taken care of. Customer service is awful. One representative mis-informed me completely and the other wouldn’t let me speak at all. The supervisor did not even apologize for the behavior nor did she provide a solution to my issue other than that it’s my fault for not paying closer attention to the bills. They have not measured up to my expectations at all and I would definitely rethink joining this organization again.


Elana Gordon August 8, 2010 at 3:51 pm

I absolutely agree with the above review. The original representative lied to me- telling me I could pick any date of the month to pay but not telling me that this would cause every single payment to the credit card companies to be be late every single month and getting whopped with late payment fees every month. They wouldn’t do anything for this, just told me I had to call C.C. companies to change date. I finally paid double payments one month on my own to bring every thing up to date. Also never told me they would be charging a monthly fee. Now, two years later I call because I need to postpone automatic withdrawal this month to two days later and am told they can’t do it. I subsequently had a few more very reasonable requests, such as please try to take the money out again on such and such date, and was told I had to call back again after the first didn’t go through. Basically, C.E.S.I. does nothing for its clients after initial agreement with credit card companies. Their customer service is nil, they are rude, and will do nothing on your behalf. Oh, another lie they told me is that the C.C. companies are just freezing your account until paid off. Wrong! once paid, they will close account.


Mark Crable November 29, 2010 at 11:55 am

I completed a credit card settlement plan that I started with Care One Credit (then Freedom Point) in November of 2010. I’m quite pleased to say that I no longer have any credit card debt whatsoever. It was not an easy process all of the time, but, I made it! Salute!!! Credit card free me.

You too can do it with the right help. I highly recommend this company. They were personable and courteous in all of my dealings with them.


AnjelB March 19, 2011 at 10:14 am

I’m not sure what you 2 have been doing as far as following up with CareOne but I have been with them for 3 years and my credit score is back up to 700. Yes some of your payments will be late b/c of the due date on your credit accounts but as long as the company sees you are enrolled with CareOne they will not charge a late fee. I have not had any late fees since I have been with the program. If you are getting late fees you need to speak with your credit company. As far as them not accepting, I was informed via mail that one creditor whould not accept the plan but when I didn’t pay them the next month the immediately accepted. All of my creditors have been paid off except for 2 so I’m very pleases with CareOne.


Cheryl Barry July 22, 2011 at 1:12 am

I think everyone should know that this is a total scam! My daughter got caught up in this due to the positive feedback from Oprah and others who have said that this is a good organization. She has been enrolled for 2 years and they have only settled 1 account and have not contacted any other ones. They have taken over $1,000.00 of her money. She is unemployed and cannot afford for them to take out a $50.00 monthly fee for nothing. Everything that they promise to do is dragged out so that they can collect the monthly fee. We as consumers can do the same things they are. Write a letter to your creditors and tell them what amount you will pay each month. Most of them will accept anything. They will stop calling you and if they cash each payment they cannot do a thing to you. This company should be investigated! I am very unhappy and they want $160.00 a month from her. She has a child to support and they are stealing from her!


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